Libigirl Female Enhancer Review – Does it Work Like They Say?

Libigirl Overview

Libigirl is advertised as a “female sexual enhancement” product, that the manufacturer claims will both increase arousal and enhance the sexual experience. Sounds pretty good, right? It would be even better if the effects could be substantiated by any clinical evidence or scientific proof. Libigirl is marketed by a company called Libigrow, which makes, you guessed it, male sexual enhancement products. Our only thought is that it must have been quite an exciting marketing meeting when someone thought, “hey, let’s see if we can get the other half of the population to take a pill for better sex too”. But Libigirl is still far behind the sales of its male counterpart, for what are probably some pretty obvious reasons.

How Libigirl WorksLibigirl Review

Libigirl, although being sold as a female sexual enhancement pill, is really nothing more than a high-potency multi vitamin. In fact, on the product homepage, the manufacturer says that most of the ingredients in Libigirl are also in the daily vitamin that most of us already take. If this is the case, then how can Libigirl help with sexual arousal and enjoyment? We wanted to know the same thing, so we decided to do a little more research. It seems that at least some of the ingredients in Libigirl are estrogen stimulators, so may increase the libido that way. In addition, the high concentrations of B vitamins are natural mood lifters; always a good start to any sexual experience. Finally, the placebo effect cannot be left out of the equation, as sometimes an expectation of a result can lead to that result.

Libigirl Benefits

  • Libigirl contains vitamins and natural supplements that our bodies need.
  • No detrimental effects have been reported from the use of Libigirl.
  • Some positive testimonials and feedback can be found among the many not-so-positive ones.

Libigirl Drawbacks

  • No scientific proof that Libigirl works as a sexual enhancer for women.
  • Plenty of negative or at least ambivalent reports and feedback.
  • Libigirl is fairly expensive at around $5 per pill; especially if you compare it with your typical multi-vitamin.

Where to Buy Libigirl

Libigirl is available online through the company’s website, as well as many other online retailers. There are discount coupons that bring down the cost somewhat, but it’s still an expensive experiment. If you do wish to try Libigirl, search the list of online retailers for a great deal; they’re out there.


Without any scientific or clinical proof that Libigirl works as promoted, we can’t recommend it. Although it’s not a bad idea to take more vitamins, you don’t have to pay out the nose for them. Libigirl has plenty of marketing behind it, and even some positive testimonials on their website, but it’s most likely not going to do what they claim. If you want to try Libigirl, do so with the understanding that the best sexual enhancement is one that comes naturally.


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