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Allu Skincare Ultimate Therapy Review – Key to Eternal Beauty?

Allu Skincare Overview

Allu Skincare claims to have unlocked the secret to eternal beauty… literally. With the assertion that the Allu skincare formula originated from an ancient Egyptian “recipe” discovered written on Papyrus, some may be skeptical. However it was developed, Allu Skincare is full of some amazing natural skin conditioners and facial rejuvenators. The bottle is designed to look like an Egyptian pyramid, and the makers of Allu Skincare highly tout the connection to the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Whether this product will help your skin as it claims to have helped the Pharaohs is a matter of opinion, but with all of the hype, it’s defineitely worth a try.

How Allu Skincare WorksAllu Skincare Review

Allu Skincare contains a mixture of natural ingredients, as you might expect. The scientific reason behind each of the ingredients is well researched and presented. With Almond oil for its Alpha-hydroxy acid, grape-seed extract for its anti-oxidant properties, green tea as an anti-inflamatory and combination of vitamins to enrich the skin, Allu Skincare surely has the pedigree of a wrinkle fighter. It also contains Lanolin, Collagen and Beta-arbutin, to hydrate and brighten the skin. Finally, as with many wrinkle therapies, the makers have added Acetyl Hexapeptide as a natural compound with Botox-like properties.

Allu Skincare Benefits

  • Allu Skincare products contain well-documented natural ingredients.
  • Manufacturer website lists endorsements, testimonials and a complete list of ingredients found in their products.
  • Easy to order and a free trial offer.

Allu Skincare Drawbacks

  • One must be skeptical of the claims that this formula is actually 4000 years old.
  • Only available online through the manufacturer’s website, so access may be limited.
  • A few customer complaints have been lodged against the company’s claims – but these are common among skin-care products.

Where to Buy Allu Skincare Products

Allu Skincare is primarily available through the company’s own website. A few other online retailers claim to have access to the product, but may be simply routing the order to the manufacturer. So far, no major retailers carry Allu Skincare products. The manufacturer does offer a free trial of its product as a 14-day supply, and there are some other discount offers available through resellers – but again, use these with caution.


Allu Skincare seems to have a solid presence, good science and dozens of testimonials behind it. The originator of the product is a medical doctor, and offers his credentials and bio on the website. While there haven’t been extensive clinical studies or patient trials of Allu Skincare products, the list of natural ingredients makes it easy to look up the properties and scientific background on each of the individual compounds. We recommend trying the product through the 14-day free trial offer to see if it works for you.


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